It’s glove weather….

It’s glove weather, and I can already feel the arguments about losing them descending on us like a dank autumnal mist. Last year my stinginess took me to the three for twos at Tescos, something I regretted the moment the first tears started rolling as wet hands froze in the snow.  This year I am applying the same rule to gloves for my boys as I do to sunglasses for myself: I am buying them a decent pair each and hoping they might remember to look after them. The over sevens seem to have a deep reverence for kit- shin pads, gum shields, rugby studs are all treated with respect- but the threat of sewing new gloves to a jaunty string, posted humiliatingly through the arms of their coats, hangs in the air with the freezing fogs as they set off to school each morning.

Here are some good ones…

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