Against all odds

In the garden the combined force of three brothers has met its match, as Spring continues to assert itself on and off the football pitch, despite their best efforts to trample it back into the earth. Beneath the thawing snow the ground had been recovering from the wounds inflicted by blades and bikes, spades and balls, and now that it has gone there are clumps of impossible snowdrops between the goal posts. I have taken these pictures as I suppose they will be trodden into the mud by the end of the weekend, but for now I feel that I have found an ally in Mother Nature.

impossible snowdrops in goal

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Beach Life

hot chocolate by the beach fire

beach boards

YES SIR, I CAN BOOGIE There are moments, at this time of year, when the sea becomes an impenetrable wall of polystyrene boogie boards, and my father reminds anyone listening that wooden ones are far superior. Understated and decidedly retro, wooden boards cut through the surf at a faster rate than their fluorescent cousins.
The, a shop and cafe on the Lizard peninsula, makes the original Cornish belly boards, £40, which it sells alongside kits for making hot chocolate on the beach (£20) and cosy recycled blankets to wrap up in when the tide has turned (£20).

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A Little Belter!

earlyrider balance bike

balance bike

Early Rider Bikes are excited about their new pedal bike launch for 2012. The Belter, and it is a belter. Designed from scratch to be lightweight, super-efficient and maintenance free. At 5.8kg it’ll be the lightest pedal bike on the market. Weight is key to get them riding effortlessly – if you consider the average 5 year old weighs 17kg, picking up and riding a 12kg steel bike is the equivalent of a 80kg man riding a 55kg bike. It just wouldn’t happen. The bike is simply easier for a child to pick up and get moving which will mean they will love riding it. It’s called the Belter because they’ve used a belt drive instead of a chain.

Of course, they’ve also added those little extras that we love about the Early Rider – a leather studded seat and matching hand stitched leather grips. Sweet. It’s likely to hit the market at around £230 and will be available around February 2012.

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