A Little Belter!

earlyrider balance bike

balance bike

Early Rider Bikes are excited about their new pedal bike launch for 2012. The Belter, and it is a belter. Designed from scratch to be lightweight, super-efficient and maintenance free. At 5.8kg it’ll be the lightest pedal bike on the market. Weight is key to get them riding effortlessly – if you consider the average 5 year old weighs 17kg, picking up and riding a 12kg steel bike is the equivalent of a 80kg man riding a 55kg bike. It just wouldn’t happen. The bike is simply easier for a child to pick up and get moving which will mean they will love riding it. It’s called the Belter because they’ve used a belt drive instead of a chain.

Of course, they’ve also added those little extras that we love about the Early Rider – a leather studded seat and matching hand stitched leather grips. Sweet. It’s likely to hit the market at around £230 and will be available around February 2012.

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