“Providing every boy,  whatever his interests in sports, games or hobbies may be, with help and encouragement of the soundest kind.” The Boy’s Companion… 1947

Daisy Bridgewater

Hello, I am Daisy Bridgewater. I am a journalist, and the mother of three boys aged 7, 10 and 11. Every Saturday for the past 5 years my column, Children’s Notebook, has been published in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine.

While I accept that not all boys want to play with guns and wrestle with their siblings, I think that the majority do, and that there are differences between the wants and needs of boys and girls that the current educational system is reluctant to acknowledge. Boys are naturally competitive, boastful, and boisterous. They break things because they are in a hurry. They gobble because they want to get back to the football game. They take things to pieces because they want to know how they work.

This website will lead you to activities, games and projects that will make the boys in your life tick, and help you to nurture and enjoy their boyishness at its very best. It will show you the way to the very best in boys’ stuff, be it a jumper that will last longer than a weekend in the woods, or football net that will not blow away in the wind. You will find ideas for birthday presents and birthday parties, books to read and places to visit. As a parent I realise that it is tough to make sensible, informed consumer choices. As a journalist I will help you make them.

I love having boys- I love their energy, their obsessive passions, their appetites, and their affection- but I am still a girl at heart. I refuse to learn the off-side rule, I don’t know the rules of rugby, and I have never sat through a whole cricket match. I accept chaos, but I do not embrace it, and hope that one day the pants will make it into the laundry basket without my help.

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