Shopping for Boys

I knew that boys didn’t like clothes shopping before I spent 2 hours proving it in Brent Cross. Two hours of trying to avoid the Arsenal shop, bribing with Nando’s, and apologizing to everyone who was tripped up and bumped into. But Boy 2 has been complaining at his lack of clothes, and more curiously, about his ‘look’ so I thought I would give it a whirl.
I write about children’s fashion for a living, and the high street’s paltry boys’ offering is nothing new to me. But I was stunned at the lack of choice, harassed by Angry Birds at every turn, and depressed that once a boy goes beyond the realms of cute (which mine certainly have) they have little alternative than to dress like a seventh division football manager. There was nothing to buy until Boy 2, by then sulking furiously, spotted a shiny navy suit. He has wanted one since Sky Fall, longing to look smart when all around him is in chaos and Dri-Fit. He tried it on. His brother said he looked like the head-master, but he was too busy styling his hair to listen. He grinned and I bought it, of course, triumphantly sharing in the fleeting retail thrill.

Suit trousers, £19.99,

Suit jacket, £39.99,

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