Doll Boy

Mac, the knitted boy doll from Red Nose Day Dolls

Not having dolls in the house is possibly the best thing about not having girls. No scary glass eyes to turn to the wall at bedtime. No grubby plastic contortionists flashing their pink jointed bits from beneath the acrylic blankets…
But, have you seen Mac, the knitted boy child of queen crafters Rose Badger and Emma Mitchell, one of 4 hand-sewn dolls to go under the hammer for Red Nose Day? There is a virtual frenzy of grown-up excitement around them ( check out their Facebook page and blog not least because they are being kitted out by twenty of the country’s most talented crafters. Mac has his own Shetland wool jumper, sleeping bag, and dog, no less. He has even posted a camping video on You Tube.
All four dolls, plus their miniature crocheted dresses, tulle underskirts, needle felted wirehair fox terriers, and teeny tiny patchwork quilts go under the hammer on Red Nose Day’s official Ebay site on March 15th. With such a good cause in mind, there is no need even to pretend you are bidding on behalf of anyone but yourself.

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