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Keeping it real in the kitchen

Having spent the past few weeks trawling for craft ideas for my Telegraph page, and with Christmas nipping at my heels, today I confiscated the boys’ ipods and goaded them into getting creative. Without shouting. And curbing my stifling will to art direct their every move. The eventual result, through the over-turned felt tip box, the spilt water, and the whisk licking, was two boxes of chocolate brownies, two and a half jars of very crumbly fudge, and a quite nicely coloured-in robot mask.

Doing almost anything with three growing boys at the moment involves embracing the chaos whilst staying resolutely in charge. And remembering to breath. But they need to learn that life isn’t all about instant gratification, that not everything comes in app form, and that often the most satisfying things are the ones you work unexpectedly hard for. The disciplinarian in me might have been in over-drive today, but the brownies were delicious and the washing up was done by a very willing 10 year old.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies fit for a 10 year old

Melt a WHOLE pat (250g) of butter over a low heat with 275g dark chocolate (about a bar and a half of Bournville). In another bowl whisk together 3 eggs, 275g castor sugar and a splash of vanilla essence, then pour into the chocolate mixture and combine. Stir through 225g plain flour and a pinch of salt, pour into a lined baking tray and bake at 180 for about 20 minutes until just set.


Out of the chaos came something very delicious: Chocolate fudge brownies

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