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between meals

Having stuck to my guns for four years, I have given in with my youngest boy and let him take a packed lunch to school once a week. And while I have tried to keep them as unappetizing as possible, in the hope he will revert to a full week of school dinners, the guilt about his Thursday diet of stale bread and cold pasta has consumed me and he now skips smugly off to school with a flask full of something hot and hearty.

Here are my two tried and tested favourites:

Thermos CoolKidz

Thermos CoolKidz Steel Food Jar (290ml) £17.67

This is the one the older brothers fight over to fill with hot chocolate and take to rugby. It does leave it a bit stinky though.






Thermos Foogo Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar (290 ml) £17.99,

The flask of choice for a five year old. The grippy lid is easy to unscrew, and the styling is slightly too babyish to make is something older brothers will steal.

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